Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Confessions of a Nauti girl.

Summer Time sailing on the Slow 'n' Easy....#KYlakelife
Turn your 50-shades-of-grey switch off... I'm referring to my affinity for all things Nautical... I mean...my Mom and Gramman read this blog...

Now, I know this isn't actually new information to those who have been dropping anchor to my sporadic postings here at LUMUHAND, but a post that takes a pier into the main bathroom, my new landscaping and my buoy, I mean boy, sure is.

Whale, as a sneak peek into my home sweet home, my poopdeck main bathroom is decorated with a nautical theme... I literally can not help it, I am attracted to anchors and such, like southern gals are attracted to monograms, chevron and sweet tea. I mean how cute is this boat shelf... I couldn't resist. 

Behind the Toilet Storage
Sink area... what you can't sea very whale is a compass shower curtain with sailor knot shower rings.. and a chevon rug...
As some of you might recall, my 30th birthday present was some front landscaping. Big Thanks to Mom & Dad, my sweet Gramman, my Uncle Ben and Kiki La Rue for making this nautical feature come to life... We delayed installation for weather purposes, but ended up laboring in 90 degree heat... Totally the perfect weather for a girl allergic to sunlight and yard work.

So the landscaping dream started with a "Mom, I'd like to do nautical theme landscaping" and ended with the front entrance of my home being a total nod to my roots and what I love. It's not for everyone, but I like it, so that's really all that matters. 

Here's the before.. and after a huge in process photo dump, I'll reveal the after.
Front yard.. all mulched and full of vegetation that served as an all-you-can-eat buffet for my pet deer living in the adjoining wooded area.
I needed a boat... so sweet talked the Ag teacher into getting some of his Ag boys to build me one... Meet my boat... The Cat's Meow

Boat Before
Kiki La Rue officially naming the The Cat's Meow... 
I use to have mulch, but I opted for gravel... That whole OARdeal was a mess, literally and figuratively. Also, the only way I like to get that muddy is if it's on porpoise... like if I'm getting a spa treatment or running in a mud run.

Can't have your own pier if you don't have some pylons... 
Knot even kidding, my Mom was really committed to the overall theme... and as you can sea, she can tie a nice knot
The compass on the side of the house now isn't so lonely anymore. Underneath, are painted signal flags that spell out LUMUHAND. As if my wrist isn't a reminder enough, every time I come home I'm reminded of my Grandad. There's also a whale that has my longitude/latitude coordinates, a pelican in the corner, and a dolphin feature in a pool of blue/green glass rocks.

 I wielded some power tools like a DIY badass to create my destination focal point... 

And here's the AFTER... 

I haven't foregot and it's too late to bow out now... My current bay? Whale.... he happens to be a nauti buoy, with blue eyes like the sea, who loves the lake life...  See how my affinity for all things nautical is making waves in other aspects of my life? 

He may sail into some future posts, but in the meantime... 

Meet Bay.

St. John = 1,940 miles from Paducah

   photo lumusignature_zpsea7e72f2.png