Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's been 6 months too long and now I'm Embarrassed.


Well... Where do I even begin?

First off, let's get this out of the way.

I'm embarrassed.

I dropped the ball on le blog... which is deeply embarrassing considering that during the unplanned blogging hiatus, I had a lovely spread published in a local magazine that mentioned me and my blog. [cue blush of embarrassment]

I've promised people that I would go back to blogging... family, friends, le boyfriend. Does that make me a liar? Or an empty promiser? I'm not entirely sure, but a 6 month sabbatical from something that I hoped would turn into something is really unacceptable.

So, here I am to admit to the ultimate blogging fail, but to commit to persevering in spite of this failure.

Before I can start fresh, I need to recap on the six month gap that befell upon this blog... with the most notable event being that I fell in love with the blue-eyed boy from this post . To say I am smitten with him is an understatement and many of the events within the gap period include that handsome man.

The six month gap included cheer coaching; color guard instructing; teaching, of course; household choring; gallons of frou frou coffee drink consuming; DIYing; baby showering; traveling; cooking; thespianing; Whole 30ing; lots of dating; yada yada, you're bored already.

I could do a ridiculous photo dump here, as I've been better about taking pictures than I did blogging...

Some of the more notable and picture worthy gap events:

Had an article published about me and my blog in Paducah Life Magazine
Backstage Cast Photo from community theater show: Farce of Nature

Samuel J Heyman Service to America Gala in DC
SAMMIES gala with Dad

Visit with my high school best friend in VA 

Brainstorming New Years' Resolutions with my Boy 

Best part of my 2015 

                                           Murder Mystery theater makes my heart complete...


                                                          Family ski-trip to Snowshoe, WV


                            Trying new things with my boy... Just call me Katniss with a 9mm


                                              Feeling blessed on my first Easter with this guy. 


There you have it - filling in the gap. I vow to do better. At least a post a week, maybe two or three... Let's start with just one though. I want to keep my promises this time around.

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