Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hair cuts = Fresh Starts

I’m a firm believer that life transitions can either be marked or be encouraged by a change in hair.

Case in point.

Monday, I started the day as a hot mess with several inches of hair damaged by an impulsive late 2014 decision to bleach portions of my hair to achieve that coveted ombré look. Let’s just say that my hair likes to embrace it’s red undertones and all color, bleach or not, typically turns to some reddish hue…to put it candidly, ombré was not a great look for me, so not only did it look like shiz but it damaged my mane.


At 11am, I told my therapist hair stylist that I needed a change… so two hours and 6” later my new ‘do is above the shoulders with some highlights that were supposed to be a shade of brown a few hues lighter than my own, BUT the aforementioned problem with all color soaked up by my strands turning a reddish hue leaves me with what we’ll call cinnamon highlights.


So, let’s cue a life change with a sassy textured shoulder-length bob with some cinnamon highlights.


With 31 right around the corner (we’re talking like less than 6 weeks here…cue panic) it’s time I change a few things, and what better way to keep myself accountable than blogging about it, so that a) it’s real [I don’t have Facebook… and some people say it’s not real if it’s not on Facebook… I think that mindset is changing though… like is Facebook even cool anymore?] and b) I get back into the habit of blogging regularly.

I embarrassingly started this back in the day with discussing bad habits… [you can get acquainted with them here… or here...and if you want to see my lack of progress you can read here and here….I’m literally not kidding when I say I’m a hot mess… like thankfully I’m not a parent yet, as the whole child rearing business could have been hazardous had it taking place prior to this dedicated life change]

So, this haircut has prompted me to want to embark on a self-improvement quest to better the me, that goes with the new ‘do. And if my blue-eyed boy is reading this post, to better the “me”, that will go even better with you.

I want to be realistic, so I’m only going to focus on changing/improving one or two bad habits at a time. To be successful, I need to really make this form of goal setting manageable and let’s be honest… achievable. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew… and pardon me for being frank, but it’s time for me to get my shit together.

With my head in the clouds {I’m literally in the air flying to Baltimore for Spring Break 2016) Here’s a few initial habits that I’d like to focus on in the coming year… taking a bad habit and replacing it with either an improved version, so a less bad habit, or replacing it with a good habit. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exhaustive list… [cue laugh]

Bad Habit
Solution to Improve or Eradicate

Nail Biting
 NOTE: I know it’s disgusting… the product of gnawing is unattractive, that act itself is gross, and the amount and type of germs I’m ingesting is vomitous.

This one is an $$ investment, but get a manicure weekly/bi-weekly. By spending money and having nails looking nice, maybe desire to bite will diminish?


Plain and simple: Make the time to get rid of shit.   #noexcuses

Stop misplacing things.
I know that my boy gets so annoyed with me because I will misplace important things when they are needed. House keys, mailbox keys, my wallet, my debit card, driver’s license, etc. etc.

Have designated places for things and don’t procrastinate to return items back to “home base”

Skipping meals, eating poorly, too much sugar consumption yada yada

Meal planning/prep. Make it a priority to fuel my body with good foods… Doing the Whole 30 – I know that the key to this is truly meal planning/prep

Clothes…. EvErYwHeRe

Step 1: Get rid of shit to drastically reduce inventory
Step 2: Stop stockpiling laundry
Step 3: Fold and put away IMMEDIATELY… don’t procrastinate

Remember that procrastination is the thief of time.
Prioritize To-Do lists and limit distractions (social media, texting, laziness,etc.)

Hmmm... so many to choose from... Let's go with Not Working Out Enough 

Le duh... get my ass to the gym. 

Fresh start... big changes, people. Step 1 for accountability...right here.

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  1. I loooooooove your hair!!! (And I totally have the same red undertone problem)