Thursday, January 26, 2017

2016 Year in Review

            Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017. 

Pop, Clink, Fizz... New Year's Eve 2016
I decided I didn't want to really recap 2016 in depth. It started off great and ended swell, but the middle was awful...heartbreaking...really effin' dreadful for a couple of months...But then an unexpected plot twist...a  positively wonderful turn of events was set in motion and things have been moving in the right direction ever since.

2016 was a calendar full of memories, good and bad, that will line some of the pages in the book of my life. Laughter and tears were the soundtrack of this past year, just as they will be for every other year.

Things didn't work out the blue-eyed boy of recent posts. This past year we enjoyed skiing with the family, a spring break trip to Washington D.C., a bourbon tour, concerts, hiking, Blue Aproning, etc. But all of that had to come to an end in order to make room for something better. I can't delete him or our memories from life, so I won't be deleting him here.

Early summer was a bit rough, but I healed my heartbreak by showering myself with self-love, with a trip to Vegas with some of my best girlfriends and to be honest, some therapy of the mental health professional kind #noshame #anxiety

Had some serious blind date success on the 30th of July, with an incredible guy who puts the biggest smile on my face. We've been to weddings and trivia nights...Ventured to Kansas City over Fall Break...We've hot yoga'd and walked along the Greenway trail...we've dined and ballroom danced...We've laughed, we've sung, we've bowled... Only time will tell, when it comes to the flame burning bright or fizzling out, but gosh, right now, I just look forward to more good times with this guy..
This guy...full of smiles...makes me smile even bigger. 
This year, I was cast in my first musical as one of the leads, was a Pigeon Sister in the theater adaption of The Odd Couple and acted in a murder mystery or two..

Just a gal cast as Grace in the Best Christmas Pageant Ever the Musical with one of her biggest fans. It was a step outside my typical acting norm...and singing in front of others... #challenging 
I took ballroom dancing lessons with Jack and danced the Samba again with my favorite dancing buddy Cletus from Dancing With Our Stars [you can see our original performance here]

I bought a new car...and then weeks later had to invest in a new furnace...[cue tears of sadness for the latter...and too big of a balance now on my credit card to work on paying off...#adultingprobs]

I passed the first of four components to become a National Board Certified Teacher, officially became part of the first group going through Murray State earn a Doctorate of Arts focusing on English Pedagogy and Literacy....I'm officially 25% done.

Saw a host of rare medical oddities at the Musuem of Health and Science Museum and introduced my mom to PostSecret with the Smithsonian's exhibit. I ate a ridiculous amount of BBQ this summer and drank even more sugary Starbucks than I care to admit..

No bones about it, I took advantage of Dad's last few days in DC with my mama. She's the one taking the picture, not the skeleton in the case. #disclaimer
Laundry didn't get done as much as I'd like and my foray into domesticity is still a work in progress...

With a new year comes a new 101 list... maybe I'll cross more off this time around, than the last. My mindset regarding this though is basically to make goals and then crush them.

Cheers to 2017.

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